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Stardew Valley: How to Get the Greenhouse - Tips and tricks

2020-02-12 15:55:56

In the world of Stardew Valley we can grow in winter, here we explain exactly how to get the greenhouse.

Winter is a difficult time that can simply eliminate absolutely everything we grow outside, only that we have an excellent alternative to avoid it, and that is where it is necessary to know how to obtain the greenhouse, because with this we can grow quietly despite winter.

How to grow during winter in Stardew Valley?

To grow plants during the winter it is necessary to make a greenhouse, because with this we prevent them from dying, in addition to well-conditioned spaces for cultivation, because it provides us with the cold necessary to cultivate and in this way achieve our goal, because here the land Obviously it is feasible, the good thing in all this is that in the farm there is a greenhouse, a little old but with some adjustments it could serve us, since currently it only serves as an ornament, but we can restore it, so here we are already having notion about of How to get the greenhouse.

How to get the greenhouse in Stardew Valley?

To get the greenhouse it is necessary to go to Pantry, because we have a couple of options for our goal, paying Joja Community Develpment Projects or in the Community Center, each of these two options brings with it some requirements that allow us to equip it, because in reality does not turn out to be so complex, just get some dedication.

How to get the greenhouse at the Community Center in Stardew Valley?

This is an excellent option for this we need to collect some necessary items, we can group them into five groups within the warehouse, which allows us to get some necessary rewards allowing us to be a not very laborious activity, but comforting and these are the items that we require.

Summer crop packages:


Hot Pepper



Gold quality crop package:





Spring crop package:


Green bean.



Animal pack:

Big egg.

Big brown egg

Duck Egg


Large milk

Big goat's milk.

Fall crop package:





These are generally long-term tasks, so it is ideal to do it in 3 seasons, because with this we can get gold-quality crops, which allow us to comfortably give up the fruits that usually give money, but through these crops we do not they will be necessary, in addition, because it is an economic and simple task, in the case of the animal package it is required to get some animals and it can simply be done in it. Travel car, which usually looks like Fridays and Sundays presenting us as a formidable and comfortable option.

Once the day is over or we have obtained absolutely all the articles, we will simply have the option that we can reveal a scene, because it is there where the Junimos, that is, the pixies usually appear on the farm, with a very interesting objective and It is the reconstruction of the greenhouse, so that the next day, we can give it the respective use.

How to make a greenhouse from Joja projects in Stardew Valley?

This is another option that is presented to us to carry out the project of making the greenhouse, only that, here we require the help of others, because they will be the ones who do it for us, only for that we require a considerable amount of money, which will be granted to the community for this purpose, here it is necessary to cancel a 5000g membership that will be paid to JojaMart with this we will make in entry to the community development form and in addition, we make some improvements which includes of course the greenhouse.

Morris obviously will do his job, that if under a fairly high cost, because we must cancel 35000g, an extremely high cost which means that the next day we have it ready, and in addition we can make a greenhouse shade, with this absurd amount Our goal of making the greenhouse is achieved by money, I particularly give birth to the first option, as it is usually more interesting.

How to use the greenhouse in Stardew Valley?

The greenhouse is protected by what we grow here will be fantastic, in addition, we can do it throughout the year, because we only need to provide plants, restore them, water them, since they are our tasks, because here we maintain crops throughout the year, which It implies that we keep in constant motion, allowing to be a highly productive field and quite close to the farm.

In general terms, now that you know how to obtain the greenhouse it is only a matter of choosing the option that you consider most attractive in Stardew Valley.

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