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Stardew Valley has interesting tasks for us which allows us to tell you How to fish puffer fish

Why fish for puffer fish in Stardew Valley?

This is simply a necessary task in this game because it is usually favorable in the preparation of some recipes, in such a way that this allows us to embark on a task to know how to fish puffer fish, which is usually part of a package of special fish and thus collect them either for:

  • Prepare maki rolls, sashimi and quality compost.
  • Sell them for around 200-600 gold.
  • Place them in a pond to get yellow roe.
  • The puffer fish is often used on the bobbin of the sewing machine.
  • This is often necessary to create a sailor shirt that can be dyed.

How to catch puffer fish in Stardew Valley?

This is a task that allows us to locate them in different places:
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    • Fishing for these fish can occur on three tides, so the first one usually occurs on a sunny summer day between 12 PM and 4 PM in the ocean.
    • Knowing how to fish puffer fish can lead us to find you in any season of the year on the West Island, Southeast and Pirate Cove on Ginger Island.
    • There is a possibility of buying these fish in Stardew Valley and this is usually done in a traveling cart, it will only be necessary to have between 600 and 1,000 gold.

    It should be noted that there are some missions where it is usually necessary to have balloon fish and these are:

    The Aquatic Quest - Year 2, Summer 6:
    in this mission Demetrius asks us for a puffer fish by mail and carrying out this mission allows us to get:

    • 1 heart of friendship.
    • 1000 gold.

    Search for help - summer: to carry out this mission it may be necessary to ask for help outside of Pierre, this request is only planned to be carried out in summer which leads us to carry out this fishing work in the ocean, this mission allows us to achieve:

    • 600 gold.
    • 150 friendship points.

    Fishing search - summer:
    this mission involves embarking on a task where Willy asks us between 4 and 6 puffer fish, which makes it necessary to go to the "Help Wanted" board where we are allowed to get as a reward:

    • 200 gold.
    • Keep the fish.

    Now that you know how to fish great puffer fish, let's embark on this task and thus access interesting rewards in Stardew Valley.

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