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Star Stable: How to Get More Star Coins - Tips and tricks

2020-01-07 11:09:50

Today we have the possibility to explain how to obtain more star coins, a very important detail that occurs in Star Stable.

This is a game where customizing the horses and characters is often an important factor, obviously to achieve this is necessary to have coins, since nothing is usually free, since we must take care of a number of horses and go into several missions, only that the star coins are simply a few coins to establish and this is where we must know how we can get them.

How to get more star coins when registering as a rider at Star Stable?

Registering as a star rider for a period of one month gives us the possibility to obtain 100 star coins, immediately, so if we are smart and we choose to subscribe for 3 months, it gives us the possibility to acquire 300 coins, and so on that in a year we can collect 1200 coins that are not bad at all.  On the other hand, if we sign up as a premium member we will get many more benefits, but obviously this has its cost and is that we will have to pay for our account Star Stable.  In this sense it is good to emphasize that the standard riders, has another minimum advantage pro feasible and that on Saturdays there is the possibility of obtaining 100 coins as long as the subscription remains active.

How can I get more star coins when I buy them on the Star Stable website?

The coins can be purchased at the official game store website, as there are sites that may offer the opportunity to get coins at some kind of discount, but we must be careful to have unsafe sites, as we run the risk of our credit card information being compromised, as they may be places of dubious reputation.  A very feasible way to get coins is by purchasing them exactly at the official website of the game.

Event gifts with coins can be a good option, so we have the possibility to follow the regular channels of social networks, such as Twitter and Facebook, our task here is to stay active at all times.

What is the use of the star coins in Star Stable?

The star coins are undoubtedly very important elements in this game, as we can:

1. buy special clothing and equipment.

2. buy some pets.

3. Take our horses to the vet.

4. buy the care of the stables

5. buy horses.

6. modify the appearance of the characters.

7. stay in hotels to avoid the day of the game.

8. Start a riding club.

Finally it is evident the amount of use we give to the coins, so knowing how to get more star coins is important in Star Stable.

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