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Spotify is a platform that has gotten the hang of it and that's why it's important to tell you How to fix error code 4.

What is the cause of error 4 in Spotify?

There are several causes for this failure to appear, such as:

  • Connection issues.
  • Incorrect DNS configuration.
  • Firewalls.

Knowing how to repair error code 4 is simply a necessary action, as this transmission platform via streaming has a great receptivity, since it presents a varied content for different tastes, in this sense, it should be clarified that this Spotify failure usually occurs in the desktop client, in such a way that this prevents us from connecting to the servers and therefore there is no possibility of transmitting, in which case the files are not previously downloaded to our PC.

Although it is true, failures are a matter that usually occurs regularly, in this sense, it is necessary to know how to repair error code 4 considering that the sole possibility of not having internet access simply does not allow us to transmit because Spotify is usually paused, in this sense it is vital to be aware of the internet connection, which implies contacting the provider, checking Wi-Fi or the local network.

Having an incorrect DNS configuration can cause us this problem, in such a way that knowing how to fix error code 4 leads us to consider taking a look, since some domains are usually not viable to execute transmissions specifically in Spotify, it is well known that This platform tends to make use of TCP port 4070, this is usually blocked regularly which makes it necessary to unblock it as this causes connectivity problems.

Firewalls and antivirus programs sometimes affect us to execute some tasks, in such a way that to know how to fix error code 4 it is necessary to consider it, as this makes it difficult to access some platforms, such as Spotify, however, keep reading because this guide allows you to provide concrete solutions.

How to fix error code 4 in Spotify?

We only have 3 solutions, but they are usually effective and in this way allow access to carry out the transmissions without any inconvenience, below are the details:
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    Check the internet connection: today the internet has managed to involve us in almost all activities and therefore having failures with it may imply other more in-depth inconveniences, in this sense, knowing how to repair error code 4 leads us to consider check the connection either by cable or via Wi-Fi, the easiest way to check that we are connected to the network is usually:

    • Locate the icon in Windows at the bottom of our screen on the right side.
    • In the case of Mac we must check it by selecting a network in the upper corner of the right side of the menu bar.

    One of the simplest ways to check that the network is working and therefore know how to repair error code 4 is by choosing to visit a website, if we see that it does not usually load we will have to perform other actions in such a way that it is possible to access Spotify in some way, this may involve:

    • Contact the internet provider.
    • Choose to switch to mobile data, because sometimes this can work very well, it is only necessary not to exceed the limit of the same.
    • Avoid the use of VPN, as these can cause some inconveniences in relation to DNS, since Spotify usually makes use of port 4070 in general, however, when it is blocked it is feasible to use ports 443 and 80.
    • It is important to be clear that the firewall can block port 4070, and therefore it is vital to adjust so that the router allows us to access to carry out the respective transmissions without failures.

    Repair the cache and change the DNS configuration: this is another favorable solution to know how to repair error code 4 and that is that there are different internet domains that can change our DNS, this makes Spotify have drawbacks and therefore the objective of transmit cannot occur, in this case it is necessary:

    Clear DNS cache in Windows.

    • You need to open a PowerShell window.
    • We must click with the right mouse button on the start menu.
    • Then we must select Windows PowerShell.
    • Next we will write "ipconfig / flushdns" and press Enter.

    Clear DNS cache on Mac.

    • We must open a "Terminal" window from "Launchpad".
    • Then we must write “sudo dscheutil - fluscache; sudo killall - HUP mDNSResponder ”and hit Enter.

    To change DNS configuration it is good to understand that this can be done to make it easier for us to access Spotify transmissions and this in turn allows us to know how to repair error code 4 for which it is necessary to consider:

    In Windows.

    • We click with the right mouse button on the start menu.
    • Then we select "Configuration".
    • Next we select "Network and internet" followed by "Status" and then "Properties".
    • Next, it is necessary to go to the "IP Configuration" section, where we select "Edit".
    • We proceed to change the IP configuration to Manual to select IPv4 activated and choose to place in the preferred boxes, in the alternative boxes, To finish we save and that's it.

    On Mac.

    • It is necessary to select the Apple menu and locate "System Preferences to start it".
    • Then we locate "Network" and there we select the connection to place it in "Advanced".
    • Then we go to the DNS tab in order to locate the "Add" icon, this allows us to add the DNS provider and when doing, so it is only necessary to click OK in order to save.
    • To finish we restart the PC and transmit in Spotify.

    Reinstall Spotify: this is undoubtedly the last option to execute in the search for solutions about How to repair error code 4, as we only apply it in case the previous solutions have not provided the necessary contributions, when we cannot unlock port 4070 to connect to the server or that there are failures with the internet connection and this does not come from the providers of the respective service, because that is where there is an extreme need to access to reinstall and for this it is necessary:

    • Uninstall Spotify and this involves checking that corrupted files can be removed.
    • Next, we agree to download the most recent version and this is done from the Spotify website.

    Whatever the solution applied to know how to repair error code 4, it is necessary to make it clear that this does not require greater computer knowledge, in this sense, once we manage to get out of this failure, it will only be enough to prepare to carry out the transmissions or access everything the content that this platform usually hosts, as there is a considerable amount of content that cannot be wasted.

    This is all we can contribute about How to fix error code 4, in such a way that this allows us to continue making transmissions and accessing all the content that only Spotify has for us.

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