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Failures are a very normal element and Spotify is no different, let's see How to fix ‘Couldn’t load the page’ error.

What is the ‘Couldn’t load the page’ error in Spotify?

This is an inconvenience that we come across and that can be a bit annoying, when we access the application we are shown a message that says "Try again", in this sense, it is necessary to find an answer and it is precisely for this that we are here.

How to fix ‘Couldn’t load the page’ error in Spotify?

  This failure usually has a solution and for this we must:
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    • Close the application completely and install the latest update.
    • Choose to check the App Store on iPhone or Google Play Store to verify that the latest update is downloaded.
    • We proceed to open Spotify once more and this allows us to have the possibility of having the start menu available.
    • In the event that the breakdown of Unwrapped still does not seem, this may be because we may not have listened to a sufficient amount of music, and this makes it necessary to choose to listen to many more songs, they may be by different artists.


      It is good to note that Wrapped offers us an amazing variety of music and that just encountering this error can be quite uncomfortable.

      In this sense, knowing how to fix ‘Couldn’t load the page’ error offers us the possibility of updating Spotify and that's it.

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