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The action in Spiritfarer does not stop, so we come to explain how to get bright jelly.

What to know about the bright gelatin in Spiritfarer?

Through the jellyfish it is possible to get the shiny jelly, for this we have to go to the different places of the high seas, which are reflected on our map with a black circle and we will also notice an icon in the shape of a jellyfish, then we have We have to press the A to establish the route of the destination that we will follow and when we arrive at this place we will know that we are here due to the dark and stormy that it becomes around us, it is possible to see the jellyfish, with the jelly we can make constructions and therefore It is necessary that we know how to get bright jelly, for this we have to closely follow the following content.
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    How to get shiny jelly in Spiritfarer?

    The jellyfish that are glowing green in the center will be the perfect ones to give us the shiny jelly, with which we jump on top of these will be more than enough to achieve it, we will notice the jellyfish flying with a small icon on the right of our screen, the which is the location of this, those that do not have the bright green only give us Glims, it is the game currency, which helps us in the different improvements that we can make to our ship and much more, when making the jump over the jellyfish we will see how 2 objects that have the shape of stars and are green in color vote, we only approach so that we automatically take them, there are 2 shiny jellies for each jellyfish that we crush.

    We hope that the information detailed here on How to get bright jelly has been useful to have fun at Spiritfarer.

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