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Guide to learn how to dive underwater Spiritfarer

 In the Spiritfarer game you have the opportunity to sell a lot of crafting materials, food and other scrap metal for a Glims dagger for your benefit, the only detail is that you can find a large amount on land, sometimes it is possible you have to dive underwater to retrieve them. For this you must learn to dive and we in this guide will teach you how to do this.

How to dive Spiritfarer underwater?

The first thing you should know before learning how to dive is that you should be aware of a golden flash on the surface of the water. These are most commonly found on the sides of the islands you visit, or at the "Crate" sites on your map of the seas.

Now, to be able to dive underwater, you will have to go to the shiny golden point we mentioned earlier in the water and press A on Xbox One, X on PS4 or B on Switch, and down on the left analog stick or the d -pad. You want to make sure you are directly over the flash and not to the side, otherwise Stella won't dive.
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    If you're having some trouble getting Stella to dive in, try pressing and holding the d-pad, as well as A / X / B, rather than just pressing them. The mechanics of diving tend to be different in each one.

    Whenever you're on top of it, Stella will dive under the surface of the water and pull out whatever is lurking below.

    Although most of the time all you will get is rocks and minerals these can be useful crafting materials once they break down. Other times, you will get some junk items, but remember that you can sell them to Franklin for a few Glims in return.

      Now that you know how to dive underwater Spiritfarer you can find more artifacts and materials in the depths of the water and take advantage of them in the game. Luck!

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