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We invite you to discover Where to find Axolotl a new task in Spelunky 2.

What is Axolotl in Spelunky 2?

  It is one of the strangest and most interesting mounts in the game, it is something innovative that helps us reach those closed sectors of the levels and that brings with it a series of skills in our favor, which makes us want to know Where to find Axolotl and for this we have this guide, let's see what he brings us about it next.
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    Where to find Axolotl in Spelunky 2?

     We have two different possibilities that will take us to the Axolotl, one is when exploring the fourth area, which is a tidal pool, the pools of water give us how close they are, taking into account that when we get too close we can be attacked with some bubbles to catch us, the jumps on their back allow us to use it as a mount, in the same way as with turkeys or dogs, the same will happen when riding them, they will run from one side to another and they will shoot the bubbles in this moment, so we have to make a suitable jump to avoid being caught or injured, for the other option is to buy in the pet stores, this is possible by the different levels of the game in a random way, offered by the stores but Axolotls are also going to be available in these places on a few occasions for a price.

     We will have special abilities, although the double jump is the same as we already know, we will be able to shoot the bubbles at our enemies to catch them and damage them, also those who travel through the water will be faster which will help us improve our progress in different places.

     Now that you know where to find Axolotl, just apply the tips and get the most out of Spelunky 2.

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    September 15, 2020
    Single-player, multiplayer

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