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Spelunky 2: the Compass Guide

2020-09-16 08:40:03

In the universe of Spelunky 2 we have many tasks, one of them is How to use the compass and here we will tell you how to do it

What is the compass in Spelunky 2?

It is an object that will be very useful in our different explorations in the game, which we will get very often, it is low cost if we seek to obtain it through sellers, now it is possible that some of us are not aware of the previous game and it will be useful for us to know how to use the compass, for this reason we will have the following content to guide us, let's see it.

How to use the compass in Spelunky 2?

With the red arrow of the compass we will be able to find the exit from the map, this by pointing the said direction, which is its main function, this leads us to the necessary interaction with the door for our exit from the map, this resource can us help even to get away from the ghosts and quickly find an exit, on the map possibly many of these are presented, there are some cases in which the compass comes to have several arrows indicating several ways to get to the exit, on the left At the top of our inventory screen we have the compass making the indications as to the directions to follow.

We can now conclude that knowing how to use the compass is easier than expected, with these tips and tricks we will be able to give it the necessary utility and continue progressing in Spelunky 2.

PlayStation 4 PS4, Microsoft Windows PC
Platform, roguelike
Mossmouth, LLC, Blitworks
Mossmouth, LLC
Release date:
September 15, 2020
Single-player, multiplayer

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