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Guide to learn how to revive your friends in Spelunky 2

When you die in multiplayer, you become a ghost. Losing it may seem like a terrible idea but the reality is that it is not that bad since even being a ghost it can help you by making certain special attacks, it should not necessarily be all that bad.

So in this guide we will teach you how to take advantage of these attacks and incidentally revive your friends once this becomes necessary.

How to revive your friends in Spelunky 2?

As we mentioned at the beginning, when you die and become a ghost, you still have certain special options to help. The ghost has two main abilities that it can use. It's a basic attack, using Square, you can push or fly enemies and objects off ledges, driving to take out difficult enemies through spike pits.
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    The other attack that would be the secondary one, which is used by holding Square, allows you to charge a chilling breath that freezes the enemies it hits. Your teammates can attack them and even destroy them with a well-placed bomb or jump.

    You won't revive upon completing a level (though make sure to grab the dog for health bonuses). Instead, you need to explore further and find a specific object, a coffin. You can see it in the image above. Once you have found the coffin, you simply need to reach for it and you are almost done.

    The player who is alive needs to attack the coffin. This will open the coffin, destroying it so to speak. The ghosts will revive you in the coffin so don't worry. Just breaking the coffin is enough to revive your dead allies.

     Now that you know how to revive your friends in Spelunky 2 you can keep your friends in battle or take advantage of their ghostly abilities to avoid any disadvantage when they are in the middle of the battle. Luck!

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