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Today we bring you a Spelunky 2 guide where we are going to explain how to beat the Shopkeeper.

What should we know about the shopkeeper at Spelunky 2?

Throughout our progress in this game we will be eliminating monsters and demons, but at some point it will not be enough, which makes it necessary that we kill someone on certain occasions that require it, as is the case of the shopkeeper, this has the great purpose to get hold of all the objects that it has for sale, this happens because gold is difficult to find and these objects are vital for our survival, which will force us to take them, making it necessary to know how to beat the shopkeeper and In this guide we will see the details to do them, let's see the following content in this way.

How to beat the shopkeeper in Spelunky 2?

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    Certainly what we have to do is something bad, for this a key factor to consider is that in this game there are many situations that occur randomly and it is important to understand how to beat the shopkeeper, in each of the games we will notice that The objects that we will have available in the store are different and that even the level changes in Spelunky 2, to carry out this fact we have that when we enter the store we will not see aggressiveness on the part of the shopkeeper, but this changes in the moment we seek to knock it off or attack it, this being the key to our objective and we can make the most of this situation.

    It is necessary that we use a weapon to hit and stun the shopkeeper, the following is the use of a weapon such as the shotgun, once we have hit it we can get out of it quickly, in case we do not have a window for it. use of the weapon, we will be able to use our whip, even throw some bombs at him to start the fight, this must be outside, as quickly as possible we must kill him, if it is not going to be necessary that we end up escaping quickly, we must press it if We want to solve How to beat the shopkeeper, first hitting him and grabbing him to throw him against a wall, always making him stagger with the damage that we will cause him, until he drops his shotgun, which will lead us to take it and that with 3 shots We will beat him in Spelunky 2.

    In this way we finalize our Spelunky 2 guide, now you know how to beat the shopkeeper, just enjoy it to the fullest.

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