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SpaceX Falcon Heavy: Discover what happened with its launch

2019-04-12 20:26:47

On Wednesday, preparations were made for the incredible spacecraft, Falcon Heavy, to send the Saudi Arabian satellite Arabsat-6A to orbit, however, the targets were not reached, as the forts winds prevented the mission from being carried out, postponing the launching for another 24 hours.

SpaceX Falcon :Arabsat-6A Mission

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk spoke a little about the launch delay, saying it was probably due to "upper atmosphere wind shear". For its part, the company pointed to its backup window, which was scheduled to open at 3:32 p.m. PT on April 11, staying open until 5:32 p.m. PT.

Yesterday, SpaceX revealed to treves of his official Twitter account the following: "all the time and the systems are working", so it should be full of steam ahead.

SpaceX - Falcon Heavy

Notably, SpaceX is the second flight of Falcon Heavy, since more than a year ago he sent the Tesla Roadster Elon Musk to space, and not only that, but also is the first commercial launch for the launch vehicle.

On the other hand, the payload of the rocket, Arabsat-6A, was scheduled to launch at 34 minutes of the trip. SpaceX had planned to safely land the two side rockets at Cape Canaveral Landing Zones 1 and 2 in Florida, just as it did with the first launch of Falcon Heavy.

SpaceX was expected to have a successful recovery of all reinforcements.