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If you want to know how to spend talent points in Space Punks, pay attention, because the following article has it all for you.

How to get talent points in Space Punks?

In order to get Talent Points you will have to gain experience in earning levels, this way you will be able to get Talent Points that you can spend on the Talent Tree Space Punks if you want, otherwise you can simply save them.

How to spend Talent Points in Space Punks?

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To be able to spend the points you will have to play some quests until the Skills & Talent vendors open in the central area, Skills & Talent can be found east of the central area, being this the only place where you can spend these points.

To access the store you will have to interact with the vendor > then press the RB button to the E key, from your character's avatar at the bottom you can select any of the branching trees.

You can't assign the points where you are, no matter if you are on a mission, so you will have to wait until you are back in the central area to be able to do so.

That's all you need to know about how to spend talent points in Space Punks and now that you know, we hope you manage to get as many points as possible, so you can invest them in whatever you need to buy with them.

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