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Today we bring you a Sonic Origins guide where we will explain how to fix Crash and Lags.

What does it mean to solve Crash and Lags in Sonic Origins?

  Having the ability to get rid of the blockages that usually occur when starting this game, although it is true that it belongs to the collection of Sonic games and that for many of us it was part of our lives for a while, today we have the possibility of enjoying it again, however, we come across some delays and blockages that seem to hinder our entertainment, but fortunately it can be fixed.

How to fix Crash and Lags in Sonic Origins?

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    • We need to make sure that we have installed the most recent version of the game.
    • Verify that the internet connection is stable.
    • Close applications in the background that are not necessary.
    • Update the graphics driver.
    • Have the latest version of Windows.
    • Check that our device meets the necessary requirements to be able to play.
    • Run the game as administrator.
    • Disable overlays.
    • Reduce graphics settings.
    • Disable antivirus software, as they often recognize games as potential threats.
    • Reinstall the game, this is the last action to take, but it will certainly get us out of this problem.


    This is all you need to know about how to fix Crash and Lags, just apply one of these fixes to enjoy Sonic Origins without problems.

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