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Sonic Adventure DX: How to install mods easily.

2019-07-02 23:55:56

Did you already know how to install mods in Sonic Adventure DX ?. Do not worry because for this is this guide in which we will tell you how to install mods in Sonic Adventure DX without many complications, so we will leave you everything you need to know about installing mods in Sonic Adventure DX.

How to install mods in Sonic Adventure DX ?

Installing mod in Sonic Adventure DX will allow you to get a lot of improvements and notable changes in Sonic Adventure DX, this is thanks to the modified version of the original prize that arrived in 2004, the name of the version is "BetterSADX" and will allow you to install mods like HD interface, flashlight engine, day night cycle, dreamcast conversion, onion skin blur, enhanced water textures, Dreamcast character pack, in Sonic Adventure DX among other mods. You can also modify your mods with the Mod Manager. Just make sure you do not use the SADX Steam vanilla version.