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Snowrunner: How to get to ANK MK38

2020-05-11 11:25:07

Quick guide on How to get to ANK MK38 in Snowrunner

  This game barely came out last month, that is, on April 28, which consists of being behind the wheel of 40 incredible cars overcoming various stages and challenges, in addition to having the option to play in multiplayer.

In this game there is a very special car that you can choose from the wide variety of cars and with this guide we will show you how to get it.

How to get to ANK MK38 in Snowrunner?

The peculiarity of vehicles in Snowrunner is that they take time to unlock, and to unlock a vehicle in Snowrunner, you simply have to find its location. Some locations are more difficult to discover than others, so these types of guides are very helpful in speeding up the search.

The ANK MK38 is a classic-style military truck for off-road use and industrial transportation, and its gameplay is slightly easier than many other vehicles in the game.

Now, if you are looking for it, you must bear in mind that this is an abandoned vehicle and you will find it in the northwest corner of the Pedro Bay map in the Alaska game region.

Once you are on that map all you have to do is drive straight down until you reach the point where the road circles. Then, you will turn north and you will find the ANK MK38 on the north side of the road over the small lake.

 With this How to get to ANK MK38 in Snowrunner guide you can now continue playing to make it even more powerful by modifying it with various updates and add-ons available in the game.

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