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SnowRunner: How to get the Royal BM17

2020-05-22 10:55:01

Guide to learn how to get the Royal BM17 in SnowRunner

The most recent game developed by Saber Interactive, called SnowRunner came out on April 28, 2020; This being a sequel to MudRunner.

This new version of the game has a high level of optimization in all aspects, in addition to adding incredible gameplay such as improved images, improved user interface, new and large maps, view of unique cabins, various vehicles and new types of cargo.

Now with the commemorative events by the dates you can also receive excellent models of cars with fuel the case of Easter eggs such as the Royal BM17 in SnowRunner, you can get a free off-road truck in the game and we will teach you how.

How to get the Royal BM17 in SnowRunner?

The Royal BM17 has specs good enough to be the most favorite free offroad truck. However, you can only get this truck available in the Alaska region.

The best thing you can do is experiment with a Winch and go to this territory in some way. There is a trick where you can try to get the off-road truck quickly. If you are running without a taxi driver, first connect the truck to a North Pole.

So how do you get the Royal BM17?

After you reach the indicated region and head towards the nearest bridge and then disconnect the driver. After having to go to the lobby map at West Mountain Conquest. It is recommended to verify the location to ensure that it is in the North Port.

Select your vehicle and move to the garage location to the far end near the sores. Dbene click on the displayed site and select the Garage icon, select your starting location again.

Go back to the gameplay and connect to the Winch again. Now the only thing that can be to avail until eventually, it can be a Royal BM17 hidden among the trees, and you will know because the game will leave a notification of your achievement.

The next and last thing you need to do is drive the vehicle so you can add it to your garage.

After knowing where and How to obtain the Royal BM17 in SnowRunner to do what is necessary in your lobby we must open the menu and select the recovery option. After selecting the recovery option, the truck will be recovered in your lobby.

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