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Snowrunner: How to get the DAN 96320

2020-05-20 12:10:37

Vehicles in Snowrunner are constantly found only need to know where to look, let's see How to get DAN 96320

What is the DAN96320 in Snowrunner?


  This is just an interesting and important vehicle that we need to find, because we have the advantage that this is a game where vehicles can be obtained in quantity and each one has a specific use, in this game we have some interesting things that allow us make arrangements, there are some trailers and garages but at this time we will only focus specifically on this truck.

How to get DAN 96320 in Snowrunner?

This is a vehicle that mobilizes us through the swamps, it has a marker that will serve as a guide, so it is important to be clear about the possibility of carrying out some specific seismic study through a Geoscience contract, and thus be able to choose to mobilize this vehicle with the possibility of making some installation of a fuel tank to the current truck, which may be an Azov 64131 that we have since the DAN vehicle must be replaced with provisions to be able to put it into operation.

The place where it is possible to get the DAN 96320 is Tamyr but getting there is not as simple as writing it, since it will be necessary to move towards the swampy by going through the tunnel until we reach the sawmill, then move to the right thanks to the marker that will indicate little little by little our way.

 This is all we know about How to obtain the DAN 96320 and with this, add another vehicle to our domain in Snowrunner.

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