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Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts: How to complete Arakcheyev Fortress mission

2019-12-02 09:38:51

The central theme of this guide will be how to complete Arakcheyev Fortress mission in Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts.

In Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts we will not find five massive levels, the theme that we will highlight on this occasion waxes the penultimate level called Arakcheyev Fortress, its location is on an island of Siberia, in this mission our confrontation will be against a doctor and her assistant, the which we must stop their plans, here we will have many objectives, based mainly on what are called contracts, but without leaving out the extra challenges that in this mission we will find, so that we have a better Angle of the matter, the content of this guide will help us cover the doubts we may have as to how to complete Arakcheyev Fortress mission, let's see the guidelines to follow.

How to complete Arakcheyev Fortress mission (Contracts) in Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts?

In this mission we will find some similarity with that of the Altai mountains and the port of Kolchak, the weather is cold, we have objectives and challenges, they will certainly not be more difficult but having the additional knowledge will not hurt, so we will initially talk about the objectives that we will face in this mission.

How to complete Arakcheyev Fortress mission (Obtain evidence of genetic experimentation) in Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts?

We must quickly enhance a trip that will take us to a military base, which obviously will be guarded by many soldiers, but we will have options that will help us avoid disputes that will not be necessary, our goal is inside the main building.

How to complete Arakcheyev Fortress mission (Eliminate Nikita Zaytsev) in Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts?

There is another military base that has a large radar tower, here is Nikita Zaytsev our objective, here the labeling is temporarily, so there is a blocking device, the sniper's path will be the indicated way to end this objective, Our way forward is the side road, with careful attention to the mines and turrets, making our way until we reach the helipad, Zaytsev hides in the main building, here our letter of introduction is that we are your relative and that we are called Vasily.

How to complete the mission of Arakcheyev Fortress (Get a Nikita Zaytsev pendrive) in Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts?

Once we eliminate Zaytsev, along with his body when checking it, we find that he has a pendrive, in addition, to receive a clue that will be related to Dr. Alikhanova.

How to complete Arakcheyev Fortress mission (Evidence of the victims of the program) in Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts?

In the middle of a frozen lake, there is a warehouse, which is guarded by several soldiers, the first thing will be that we end up with the snipers in the surroundings, but without touching any of those in the warehouse since they will discover us, we will go swimming across the lake, around the tank we will squat, passing under the trucks, we will reach behind the building, here we will silently kill those who hinder our passage, our goal is close to the soldiers who are carrying boxes, in the moment we have an opportunity we grab it without them noticing.

How to complete Arakcheyev Fortress mission (Kill Anastasia Alikhanova) in Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts?

We will enter a control point when we reach the cliff of the Fortress, our 5th objective will be to end Dr. Alikhanova, being responsible for genetic experiments, it has a double step, which is responsible for sending a signal if it dies by In the middle of a switch, the real one will enter the fortress to hide, whenever we kill the first Dr. Alikhanova it will be double and the original one will always escape no matter what we do, due to the script of the game, preventing us from shooting the real one.

The clues we obtained from Zaytsev, make us come to know that the real Alikhanova smokes, we will see through our binoculars both women, our character and the manager will enter into a dialogue, seeing in turn how both Alikhanovas separate, taking different directions, with the zip line we will reach the fortress, we will pass through a space and find an open area, the one on the left is the one that will start smoking and it will be the original, to complete this stage we will take it, even if we can shoot them at both at the same time will be the same, only double dies.

How to complete Arakcheyev Fortress mission (Destroy the genetics program data) in Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts?

After we have completed the previous objective, we will enter the fortress, the entrance through the main door will not be possible, with the boxes and construction beams we can enter the ventilation well, inside, we have a terminal with the data, the nearby soldiers are going to eliminate them, leaving here our destiny is the sniper tower that is to the east, here is a zip line that will take us to another tower, we can avoid the enemies or face them, according to our criteria, then we will reach a Cavern, here we must be alert to the mines, being an obstacle to our exit from the fortress.

How to complete Arakcheyev Fortress mission (Challenges) in Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts?

Terminate all contracts without having to use control points

Meet all the main objectives without restart and without recharging any control point.

Blind the enemies

At the starting point, we will find many enemies, some will come from the cliff, with a flash-bang and some lightning grenades we can blind them as we go through the fortress.

Find and kill the true Alikhanova

We must complete the objectives of Zaytsev first, then we will reach the fortress, we will mark the Alikhanovas, and the one on the left once we start smoking, we go for it.

With a single explosion kill enemies

In the beginning we can do it, or also in the warehouse where our 4th objective is located, the way to do it is to attract the enemies with a stone or bullet in case these are not agglomerated, then with throwing a fragmentary grenade or firing a explosive shot will be enough.

In 8 minutes kill Zaytsev and real Alikhanova

First we will kill Zaytsev and quickly go to the fortress to find the real Alikhanova, it is certainly complicated to do it in 8 minutes, but perhaps through the control points you can reset the timer, we will avoid wasting time if instead of following the Alikhanova before smoking, we will shoot both versions of this at a distance with the sniper turret.

There are already guidelines on how to complete Arakcheyev Fortress mission in Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts, with the objectives and challenges that this mission presents to us.

Thus we have reached the end of this explanatory guide, which we had as a central theme, the guidelines that will lead us to how to complete Arakcheyev Fortress mission in Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts, if we follow the indications that are in the content of this guide, we will increase our options of success, we hope it will be very useful for our readers.

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