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Many gamers wonder how to get science in Slipways, so we put together the following article to cover everything you need.

What is science in Slipways?

It is an element of vital importance for the growth of your empire, science will allow you to invent a unique exclusive technology for the three members of the council chosen at the beginning of the game, in addition to being very useful when your planet has surplus people in the game. Production.

How to get science in Slipways?

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To obtain science it will be necessary to create a research center, which you can do at any time of the game as long as you have a free area of space next to a nearby planet, although it is best if they are created on planets that already have a level established or successful, so you don't have to worry too much> then you will have to select a resource to start studying it, be it a mineral, bots or any other. Keep in mind that for this it will be necessary to connect to two planets.

Doing this at the end of each turn will allow you to gain more science, with which you can do research so that your empire can continue to advance with more advanced technologies.

We hope that after reading this guide on how to get science in Slipways, you can obtain this element so that your empire can continue to grow through research and obtain all the benefits that this entails.

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