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This guide is very useful if you like Slime Rancher, because we will tell you how to get treasure capsules.

What are Slime Rancher Treasure Capsules?

It corresponds to one of the elements that you can find in various parts of the game and that will allow you to obtain science items from slime, decorations, resources and golden plorts

How to get treasure capsules in Slime Rancher?

If you want to open the capsules, you will need to get the following items:

The key for each treasure capsule variant in the game (keeping in mind that there are three types of capsules, which corresponds to three keys).

Some keys called treasure crackers

To obtain the first key you will have to unlock green treasure capsules, which you can buy for 4,500, as long as you have unlocked the laboratory and have your first device.

With the MKI you can get MKII, which will allow you to access the blue treasure capsules, just keep in mind that you must create 20 devices to unlock the MKII treasure cracker.

When you have the MKII treasure cracker with 9k newbucks you will be able to get the third one, for which you will need to own the third variant, MKIII of purple capsules, in addition to 50 devices before you can buy the MKIII treasure cracker for 25k newbucks.

When you have the cookies you will be able to access all the capsules in the tesoso.

 That's all you need to know about getting treasure capsules in Slime Rancher, so now that you know, you should get the most out of these capsules.

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