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We have made a SINoALICE guide for you where we propose to explain everything about royal user service reward

How to get royal user service reward at SINoALICE?

There is a rather complex but interesting matter at the same time and that there are some restrictions in this game and this implies that we are limited stuck in a certain space of it, therefore it is ideal to have real money to make it impossible to restrict ourselves and get out of these bad steps that do not favor us at all, because although just a few days ago I left this game there are already a number of users who are enjoying it on their mobile devices and it is not attractive to get inconvenience.

What is royal user service reward at SINoALICE?

The first thing we should know is that this service can be just by touching the Menu button in the game, and from there give you the option to buy, then we follow the instructions until we confirm our respectful selection and thereby get the rewards, this it simply involves spending real money because we can choose between several packages that are available and are structured in this way:
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  •      Buying the package for the first time is worth $ 1.99.
  •       Subsequent packages typically cost $ 3.99.
  •       We can choose a package for 4 consecutive weeks and this round about $ 11.99.

The user service has the following gifts that we can define as the reward:

  •       We can increase daily friend medals by going from 3 to at least 5.
  •       We can access to get jump tickets or purification tickets.
  •       We got about 49 crystals.
  •       We manage to reduce the purification cooling is at least about 4 hours.
  •       We have 1 royal medal.
  •       With the purchase it is possible to choose between 2 to 3 blessings.

As you will see, royal user service reward simply allows us to access certain interesting elements in SINoALICE.

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