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Sims 4: How to play in first-person

2019-07-11 19:22:46

In this opportunity we will talk about the sims 4, this series of games has a high number of followers in any of the consoles that this exists, this delivery of the game has something in particular can be played in the first person, being the first of its kind of the series so famous this is without a doubt what more can call more attention, if you are interested in exploring the game, here you can do it, the Sims 4 and how to play in the first person below.

How to play in the first person in the Sims 4

To be able to play in the first person in the Sims 4, you have to activate this option and it is very simple to do, this depends on the version you are playing in the game.

For PC: Shift + Tab and For PS4 and Xbox One: keep it on the right lever.
 It's that simple to activate the first person mode of the Sims 4, but you have to know that there are changes for other versions of the game to do this. To do it in pc you have to press the left or right arrow, now if you have the dogs and cats update you will be able to change the point of view of the pets.

How do I play in the first person in the Sims 4 with my character?

Playing in the first person means that the controls are the same in the Sims 4 with only a few warnings. You can move your head even though the character you control is inactive or goes to the activity that follows.

In the case of those who play in PC: you must use the mouse to see around it, roll the mouse to improve the field of vision, the left key to talk to the world. The uppercase key to change the cursor in the user interface. Now for those who play on ps4 and Xbox one: with the left lever you look around and the right lever for the field of view, the X PS4 or A Xbox one to talk to the world, for those who play on ps4 the interface of user through the touch panel, for Xbox one users use the view button that is on the left of the controller in the boxes with each other.

With this the doubt is resolved, now you know that if you can play in the first person in the Sims 4, not in the ideal way but it gives a special touch to the game, so until next time.

Play FIRST PERSON Mode in The Sims 4

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