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Sims 4 usually have recurring activities and that is why today we are going to leave you with a guide on How to obtain columns in CAS.

What is CAS in the Sims 4?

It is the place where we made the designs of the characters at first, it is in itself the place where a Sim was created, after playing we can access CAS only that having already started up is usually a bit tedious, the important thing is that These creation columns will allow us to achieve a very interesting model, and in the case of our objective on CAS columns, it is simply a way of putting hair on, but that is not all because based on this we are allowed the option of creating creations in terms of features and clothes which represents an excellent change.
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    How to get columns in CAS in Sims 4?

    The first option to be able to manage and go through the columns without a doubt is to go directly to the Weerbesu page in Patreon, here we can see some models that will be quite useful getting the option of being able to incorporate at least 3 to 5 CAS columns by doing click on the files that are located at the bottom of the page, this will only be to our liking, after having selected them comes the installation process, to know that we are in the right place and that this process will work well is important to keep in mind that we must have the version of Sims 4 1.58.63 or those that came out much later, since otherwise this mod will not work more columns in CAS.

    The resolution of the game really has its main part on these sides, because the ideal is that it is high and this several according to the columns for example in the case of 3 columns should be 1280 x 720 or higher, if we go for 4 columns should be 1600 x 900 or higher and in the case of 5 columns should not be below 1920 x 1080, because the space where all the columns are going to be displayed will not be able to be visualized if we have resolutions lower than those indicated, but that is not all because there are other variations that are a bit more demanding, and if you have animals, such is the case of dogs and cats, we need creation columns for pets and this generally requires a much higher resolution.

    In this way you already have knowledge about How to obtain columns in CAS you just have to distribute and get the one that is best for you so that the creation process is the coolest in the Sims 4.

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