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Shenmue 3: How to increase your maximum health

2019-11-27 13:09:29

In this article you will find the detailed explanation of how to increase your maximum health in Shenmue 3.

In this version of Shenmue 3 it is possible that we have many different things that were not in the two previous editions, an example Ryo in the other games had a health bar completely arrives, here it is halfway, which puts us in a certain way uncomfortable and more with the battles, in the beginning we had two meetings, which made it clear that health we will need as much as possible, to know how to increase your maximum health, this guide will take care of covering us with the answers we need.

What to do to increase your maximum health by Shenmue 3?

Training will be the clearest and most accurate way for us to increase our health, it could be tedious for some of us, there are three ways to achieve it and the key is that each of these options will depend on the level we have of kung fu, the dojo of Martial law will be the most appropriate place to accomplish this, it is located near Shenhua's house. If we want the quick trip we can do it, through the kung fu option on the list, we will now go into how to increase your maximum health, so we must be aware of the guidelines below.

How to increase your maximum health by Shenmue 3?

Knowing how to increase your maximum health will be very important, for this the main key is in our kung fu level that we have, to level up we will improve the main statistics, these are the resistance and the attack, we will find on the outside of the dojo, an object to train with blows of an inch, this is a mini game. What needs to be done is to press a button at the precise moment that some lines come together and that we will see them in the center of our screen, we will achieve with this the leveling of our one inch punch. This will become obsolete at some time for us in Shenmue 3.

In case what we can call the horse posture, it will be in the same way, here we will have Ryo's arms in line with a green line in a certain time, here we will see that the punch and the objects in the horse position, have 10 levels the 7 sections that we have to master, when we manage to complete this it will no longer be useful for us. We will gain experience, depending on our health is not low, so eating will be a great option, but only with this will we increase our resistance level.

Finally, what we could say that will be the third option to increase our health, is that we conduct training with other characters, so that our level of attack increases, in the whole area there are many characters, or it will also be an option to talk with the teacher , but if we go to the characters, we can configure five scrolls to master them, if we want to achieve it, it will be through sparring and the success we have in fast events at regular intervals, the good thing is that it will not be important that we win , simply apply the movements that will lead us to increase our level.

If we complete the fast time events correctly, it will be possible for us to master two parchment sparring sessions, each time we master one it will mean that our level of kung fu will increase and at the same time our health will increase, so we must do everything we can to achieve as many scrolls as we can, the only thing in this game in case the fights will become more complicated if we do not have the objects that are responsible for healing, so settle in the scrolls will be The most logical.

To close the article, we review that the topic we discuss here was based mainly on how to increase your maximum health in Shenmue 3, with this content and following the guidelines it should not be a problem that the objectives presented here are achieved.

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