2018-12-04 02:44:57

Top Gun (1986, Tony Scott) is one of the most memorable films of the eighties. Mythical and remembered for having one of Tom Cruise's most famous roles to his credit, and while we await his sequel, several Star Citizen players wanted to make a nice tribute to the film by recreating several of the most iconic sequence
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    Using Kenny Loggins' famous Danger Zone theme, the clip shows us a sort of updated and futuristic version of Maverick's adventures, with his motorbike, the launching of the fighters and that mythical illumination at sunset. The players have been TheFew, Phantom0Killer and Moist_Noodle its main architects, and the result, how could it be otherwise, has had quite an impact on YouTube with nearly 10,000 views just hours after its release.

    Star Citizen is an ambitious space simulator that recently reached the figure of 200 million dollars collected. Top Gun has also had several incarnations in video games, and although there is an emotional love story in the film we remind you of this curious and sad anecdote.