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Sekiro Guide: find Gourd Seeds and increase your healing

2019-05-24 18:27:41

Find out where to find pumpkin seeds and increase your healing in Sekiro.

In Sekiro, the action and adventure videogame developed by From Software, there are the Gourd Seeds. These have the ability to increase their efficiency. Try to collect the most seeds to take to Emma, ​​who can use them to increase the effectiveness of your Gourd. If you want to know where the pumpkin seeds are located, continue reading.

Below we will show you the places where you can find pumpkin seeds in Sekiro.

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice - All Gourd Seed Locations Guide (Healing Gourd Upgrades)

Outskirts Wall - idol on the way to the door Pumpkin seed: General Naomori Kawarada.

This is from the mini chief of General Naomori Kawarada, near the idol of Gate Path. He is located in a nearby yard and if you manage to reach it, you'll make things easier during the battle. You just have to kill him for the pumpkin seed.

Ashina Outskirts Wall- Ladder Idol Pumpkin Seed: Chained Ogre.

You'll have to overcome the chained Ogre found near the Wall of the Outskirts of Ashina - Idol of stairs for your next one. You must destroy it with a mixture of fire, firecrackers and your claw, then fight to the corridor that is on it. Turn left and there it'll be, right on the floor in front of you.

Ashina Castle Gate Idol Gourd Seed

This is near the field where you fight against the Gyoubu rider. What you should do is the following: go up the stairs in this field and pass the building. Then you will find some more stairs and a merchant who will sell you this seed.

Upper Tower - Antechamber Idol Gourd Seed

This is located next to the Upper Tower - Idol Antechamber. There you'll have to fight to the point after the opponent's explosion on the roof of the palace and then loot it.

Outskirts Wall - Stairway Idol Gourd Seed

You can buy this from a merchant in the Diluted Temple once you have passed through Ashina Castle. He is located next to the Wall of the Outskirts - Idol of the staircase. You just have to drop to the ground next to him and he is under the door. He will sell you this once he has talked to him enough.

Senpou Temple, Mt. Kongo Idol Gourd Seed

Leaving the temple of Senpou, Mt. Kongo Idol climbs up to the building at the top of this hill. You'll have to catch the beams to later jump to the hole in the roof to the left of the building. Then go down the stairs to see some monks worshiping, since the Gedd Seed is in front of them.

Under-Shrine Valley Idol Gourd Seed.

You can get this one better from the Mibu Village Idol. Right in the center of the village is a tree with some items at its base, including a Gourd Seed.

Palace Grounds Idol Seed.

After the Palace Grounds Idol, you must hide through a building with some wild nobles. You'll have to turn to the left by some stairs and you'll see a long chest, just inside the chest is the Seed.

These are basically the places where you can get the Sekiro Gourd Seeds.