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Secret Neighbor: How to unlock the basement door

2019-08-13 17:34:53

This guide will help you solve how to unlock the basement door in Secret Neighbor.

What to know before unlocking the basement door in Secret Neighbor?

The first thing to know is that Secret Neighbor is about children who entered the house of a neighbor, they want to access the basement since there is the possibility of a kidnapping of one of their friends, the detail that to enter must unlock the Basement door and for this they must look for some keys to achieve it, but as expected, the neighbor of the house will not let this happen and has the advantage of having a costume on while also being very close to the children.

How to unlock the basement door in Secret Neighbor?

In order to unlock the basement door it is good that they stay together, if they separate the neighbor would have the advantage since they remain very vulnerable. You must also have to defend yourself for it are the objects of the inventory, if the neighbor attacks one of you you can attack it with the objects, the location of the final key you can notice it through raven so that you can unlock the basement door in Secret Neighbor, now if the crow takes it to the neighbor when waiting you will notice that another will appear.

Now if you have the Secret Neighbor update you will have skills that you can use in this case to have advantages against the neighbor, one of them is the increase in speed of teammates, this will make it difficult for the neighbor to want catch you, you can also access to have in one of the skills the option of carrying an additional item in your inventory. You could take more items to attack the neighbor and among other skills, these are the ones that can give you something more advantage to unlock the basement door.

To conclude with the guide, this information contained here must be sufficient for you to solve how to unlock the basement door and thus be able to advance in Secret Neighbor.