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Sea of Thieves: Where to find and catch chickens and pigs

2019-06-04 16:10:28

Sea of ​​Thieves is a first-person action-adventure video game developed by Rare and distributed by Xbox Game Studios. It was released on March 28, 2018 for the Xbox One and Microsoft Windows platforms.

Sea of ​​Thieves offers a pirate experience. It presents you with an open world that you can explore to freedom since you do not have pre-established functions. You can surf calmly or even immerse yourself in a battle with other players. In this sense you can play alone or in a group and since it is a shared world, there is an opportunity to meet other crews, however you should be careful if these other crews are friends or enemies.

Whatever you choose to do in Sea of ​​Thieves, in the end everything can be reduced to survive. Oddly enough, many times you look for necessary things that are hard to come by. This is the case of pigs and chickens. But with the desire to help that we always have here at xboxplay.games, in this guide we leave information with some locations where you can get these naughty animals when you are venturing into Sea of ​​Thieve

Sea of Thieves: Chickens, Pigs & Snakes (2019)

Where to get pigs in Sea of ​​Thieves (locations)

Although pigs turn out to be abundant and of a considerable size, it can sometimes be a bit difficult to find. However, there are certain ways in which it is possible to find them, for example, many times it will be possible to hear their squeal. However, to make things easier, here are some locations where you can find a few pigs.

Locations where to get pigs in Sea of ​​Thieves:

Lone Cove
Laguna de los ciegos
Cannon Cove
Kraken fall
Ancient faithful island
Sunken forest
Shark tooth key
Paradisiacal spring
Ron Runner Isle
The rest of the sea dog
Asylum of the thieves
How to catch pigs and take care of them
Half Moon Island
The siren's hiding place
Island of snakes
Crest of the devil
Laguna de los locos

How to catch pigs and take care of them in Sea of ​​Thieves

First of all, the first thing to consider is having the pig cage in your hand. When this is ready, hold down the button while you focus your eyes on it.

The catch in them turns out to be the easiest part and is that you can do it by attracting them with food. Pigs are very hungry animals and if they do not eat regularly, then they tend to despair. This can be used in favor to catch them with the precious bananas.

When you hear a squeak, indicating that there are pigs nearby, just try to give him a banana to calm him down a bit. In that try to put them over the water, it will be simple, they do not swim.

Where to get chickens in Sea of ​​Thieves (locations)

In all Sea of ​​Thieves, chickens turn out to be the trade animals with the greatest difficulty in being found. Their lack of ability to fly the envelope compensates with their extraordinary ability to hide when you are looking for them or are really needed. Chickens can click regularly, make their feathers crunch when they jump or sing when it dawns, all these details can turn out to be very good to find these animals. However, to make the search a little easier, then you leave a few locations where you can get them

Locations where to get chickens at Sea of ​​Thieves:

Thief's hole
Bay of Shipwreck
Barnacle Bay
Cannon Cove
Tri-Rock Island
The crooked masts
The siren's hiding place
Shelter of the tramps
Isley scurvy
Marauder's Bow
Old Faithful Island
Asylum of the thieves
Twin Arboleda

How to catch chickens and care for them in Sea of ​​Thieves

When choosing the chicken coop and having the fixed objective, you should only go with the cage running after the bird to catch it. Once the chicken is caged, you should not lose concentration since there are no simple ways to get the chickens out of a chicken coop.

The positive part is that after looking so much, it will be possible to discover that caring for chickens turns out to be very simple. These can be kept calm and calm as long as their cages are kept on the water.

Follow these details and you will be ready to become a full finder and keeper of chickens and pigs at expert level in Sea of ​​Thieves.

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