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Sea of Thieves: How to get the lantern color

2019-10-23 11:55:13

The information we will have in the following guide is intended to explain how to get lantern color in Sea of Thieves.

We the players will have the challenge to look for and collect the 6 different colors that now has the lantern color in Sea of Thieves, since this is an addiction that was made recently, to face the last challenges this must be one of the priorities that we must follow, it is good that we have more details.

What do the colors mean for the lantern color in Sea of Thieves?

 The first thing we need to know is that each color corresponds to a way to die, there are 6 colors to get that are apart from the standard orange color brightness, in the boat that we wait to die we can collect these colors, we must die in a specific way for each color if we want to get it and these are:

  • - Eaten by a shark: Blue
  • - Hit by lightning: White
  • -By snake venom: Purple
  • -Crushed by a volcano eruption: Red
  • -Death by another player: Pink
  • -Death by skeleton: Green

 In the map you can notice lighthouses that are distributed, the new thing is to complete the Fort of the Damned, to win rewards and free praise we must light the lighthouses.

How to get the lantern color in Sea of Thieves?

 The colors of the lantern we are going to obtain them of the well of the destiny, we have to collect it and to store it, it is important that we know the color for each type of death, in the middle of the Ferry of the Damned we will have the well, we must go to the brazier that is in the middle of the ghost boat once we die, then pressing the suitable button we are going to collect the color with the lantern and we will be able to notice that it changed.

 Now we will return to the boat with the new color for our lantern, to establish the color we will raise the lantern and we look for the option to do it, the lantern of the boat is going to change to the color that we have in this moment, if we do not want to have to die of a new specific form we must be careful not to over write the color, to keep the color in the lantern is the only option that we will have to do it, if our boat sinks, the lanterns of restart and if we die the one of us is also going to restart.

We end the explanation, it is hoped that this guide and its content on How to get the lantern color in Sea of Thieves is very useful, good luck.  

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