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Sea of Thieves: How to Get Doubloons - tips and tricks

2019-10-23 10:37:05

Sea of Thieves offers players Doubloons, that is a very valuable element for a player, in this guide we will tell you how to get Doubloons.

 The Doubloons are very valuable in the hands of the players, they are practically a secondary currency in Sea of Thieves, with them you can buy many varied items for a limited time, but unfortunately it is complicated to obtain this type of element, but for everything there is solution here we will tell you that do.

  How to get Doubloons in Sea of Thieves

  Players who are new to Sea of Thieves have the chance to win this precious item in The Cursed Crews event, we currently have many sources in Sea of Thieves that reward Doubloons, they also get them in Bilge Rat the main way we had to get them, You must keep in mind that this element is very different from the old coins, it is a new Premium currency in this game, and all the activities that we will cite below generate this type of currency.

What does the Sea of Thieves Bilge Rat Adventures contain

  It is important that you know that each of these adventures generates Doubloons every time you complete praise, these adventures of Bilge Rat are new ways to obtain this type of currency, it is a series of searches leading players to new activities of the game . In each of the adventures you will get compliments each one has quantities of this element.

  The way in which you can get these adventures in Sea of Thieves is by going to the menu and entering the reputation tab, there you will have many mosaics available each of them contains many compliments, once you open one of those adventures the recommendations will appear , the ones that give you as a reward this coin has a blue doubloon icon and a number indicating the amount you can get.

What are mercenary trips in Sea of Thieves

  It is important that you take into account the Sea of Thieves mercenary trips, they are adventures that will only be available a couple of weeks and then expire, so we recommend you first make these adventures to get Doubloons, the other adventures will remain available and you can complete them anytime.

  How to get reaper chests in Sea of Thieves

  You should keep in mind that this type of reaper chests are generated randomly in Sea of Thieves, another way to obtain them is to dig them up after you kill a skeleton-shaped captain that is also generated randomly.

  You can get these chests once in a while when you observe that artificial fire lights are generated, you may see these chests on the map with the mowing mark, but you should be very careful if you get a chest as it will always appear on the map. players can follow you to steal it, once you have it in your hands you should take it to Duke in any of the taverns no sooner possible and this will give you about 25 Doubloons for your purchase.

  How to use Ritual Skulls in Sea of Thieves

  This type of Ritual Skulls of Sea of Thieves, you can use them to activate the Fort of the Damned You can also exchange them for that appetizing currency such as the doubloon, as you can see this skull is a new skull added to the game together with several Mercenaries, you can Get these Skulls in the wild and you can sell them to Duke for ten Doubloons, it will not be a very desired amount but it will be very important.

  What are rag and bone boxes in Sea of Thieves

  As you can see the rag and bone boxes are also new to Sea of ​​Thieves, and they are generally input items, they are added with the Smuggler's Fortune update, this type of boxes can be sold to Seaposts for 5 Doubloons, you can also Sell ​​the Ritual Skulls for the same price.

How to use Doubloons in Sea of Thieves

  It is important to know that the Doubloons are essential to buy items of Duke the Bilge Rat in any of the taverns that you get in Sea of Thieves, you can buy there special cosmetics for boats, clothes and weapons with limited edition, among other things that will be added. Being items of limited time comes the time they will disappear from your inventory, apart from these limited time cosmetics, you can count on 6 items that will help you in the course of the game, these are:

  • 1- Reserve of bilge rats for 10,000 gold.
  • 2- Golden recommendation letter.
  • 3- Letter of formal recommendation.
  • 4- Letter of mystical recommendation.
  • 5- Explorer's cache for 2,500 gold.
  • 6- And Loot of adventurer for 5,000 gold.

    You will be able to buy a letter of recommendation from Duke once a month. There are three items on the list that refer to gold bags, they are very useful if you find yourself with limited financial resources and have many Doubloons, we recommend that if there is not much need do not spend these coins in gold, then get gold in Sea of Thieves is easy.

  Now the other three items if you must buy them of course at the most appropriate time, each of the letters of recommendation adds a complete level with the rank of a commercial company, in this case you have the possibility of going up from level forty-five to forty and six, using the gold diggers and any of the XP that will also be moved to the new level.

 This is all that players need to know about the Doubloons that you can get playing Sea of Thieves, we hope our guide has been very helpful, as usual thanks for always being with us.

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