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Sea Of Thieves: How to add Friends

2020-07-06 09:53:21

Definitely Sea Of Thieves brings them to you and today we decided to explain how to add friends on Steam, let's see.

Why add friends on Steam when we play Sea Of Thieves?

Because the possibility of playing a multiplayer game is simply phenomenal and we cannot waste this opportunity, the idea is to participate together with our friends, especially since it lends itself to being an online game, and the best of all is that we can enjoy it in our Xbox One console even when we are in the middle of a game which places us with more enthusiasm to enjoy the game.

How to add friends on Steam playing Sea Of Thieves?

 The first thing we should have is having logged in to the Windows store, the Xbox application and the Steam client, all must be linked and this simply must be done by linking the Xbox application to Steam, and click on Social, this we see it at the top of the home screen, then it is our job to link not only to Steam but also to Facebook, it is only required to click on the link option to get a perfect process and thus start our task on How to add friends on Steam especially because we are simply allowed to play with other partners.
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    Knowing how to add friends on Steam is simply an interesting task and as soon as we have managed to log in and link our account it is time to go to the next step and this implies:

    •  Proceed to send the invitations and this is done from the game lobby.
    • Go to the main menu to select the game mode and go to the lobby.
    • Mobilize to the left side in order to click to invite friends.
    • Invite the friend you want from the list of friends we see.


    How to join friends without invitation and how to accept invitations in Sea of ​​Thieves?

     While we are in this interesting world of Sea of ​​Thieves it is possible to know how to add friends on Steam, but sometimes it is possible to unite friends without the need for an invitation, being clear that it will be necessary for our profile to be friends with the other profile, and proceed to to unite only being in the lobby for this we must:


    •  Open the Windows game bar.
    • Then it will go Xbox Social.
    • Then we will right-click on the player's profile.
    • Next we proceed to join the game.
    • Finally the game will proceed to restart if we are not in the game, showing us a warning to which we will simply select YES to proceed to join another player.


     In the specific case of accepting invitations, it is likely to receive some while we are in the game, because it will show us a pop-up window and as soon as we accept it, it will direct us to the game, if we do not do it at once we can see and accept it later because It will be visible in the Xbox game bar and accept from there.

    How to add friends to Sea of ​​Thieves from PC?

     This is a simple activity but it takes some requirements, since it is necessary to have the Xbox application on Windows and that the user is our friend, the rest will simply be impossible, since they are fundamental aspects when it comes to knowing how to add friends on Steam , but there is no need to worry because this application has simply been developed by Windows 10 and we can do it as follows:


    •  We place ourselves in the search window where it will be necessary to type Xbox Console Companion.
    • Then it will be necessary to open the application to have the credentials if we have not yet registered.
    • Being on the home screen it will be necessary to take a look to the right where is Friends and Clubs.
    • Finally we select our friend and click the Add friend button and that's it.


     This mentioned process will also require our friend to follow it so that he can add us.

    The process of adding friends to the PC while playing Sea of ​​Thieves.

     We continue in our process of knowing how to add friends on Steam while on the PC and this implies adding a friend in the Windows game bar and checking that this bar is enabled, for this it will only be necessary to press the Windows I key, this will leads to the game where it will be necessary to ensure that the Record game clips switch is ready with screenshots as well as broadcast, as it will be indicative that it is simply active, then we proceed to start the game and press the Windows G key, this will allow us open the game bar, from there we will click on Xbox Social and together with the right button we will place ourselves on the name of the friend whom we want to invite just by selecting invite to proceed to send him an invitation and that this is part of our game .

    How to add friends on Steam from Xbox One to play Sea of ​​Thieves?

     It is not only possible to invite friends on the PC, because on the Xbox One it is also possible and can be done in a quite simple way, counting on that our first option is whenever our profile is friends with the other profile before launching the game, then It will be necessary to go to the lobby where we will have to select the Invitation option and choose the friend to whom we should send it, because here we will see a list of friends, it is necessary to take into account that if we only select a friend, the game will most likely fill Automatic random partner search and this is simply favorable for us and for the enjoyment of Sea of ​​Thieves.

     This is all you need to do to learn how to add friends on Steam, as it is a simple but necessary process to enjoy Sea of ​​Thieves with more colleagues.

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