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Samsung Galaxy S10 5G : The First 5G generation that you can buy

2019-04-12 14:06:03

For this 2019, the giant Samsung launched its new series of high-end phones, the Galaxy S10. This series is comprised of the Samsung Galaxy S10 that starts the new family, followed by the Samsung Galaxy S10, then the Samsung Galaxy S10 (which closes the list of phones with 4G) and the long-awaited Galaxy S10 5G that opens a door to a new world of connection to the network for users and fans of Samsung.

Galaxy S10: Official Introduction

Samsung’s massive Galaxy S10 5G will be the first 5G phone you can buy

The Galaxy S10 5G is currently one of the main and most advanced devices of the Galaxy S10 series. Among its features, it presents a 6.7-inch screen, 6 cameras in total, in addition to allowing the recording of video in portrait mode. In this regard, Samsung is betting on the Galaxy S10 5G as its luxury model for the spring of this year.

The sale of the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G is scheduled for this year 2019. The United States will be the privileged, as it will start selling next May 16. However, there are no precise details regarding the sale price of the Galaxy S10 5G, but since it is the most expensive version of the Galaxy S10 series, it is estimated to be a little over $ 1000.

The mobile phone company Verizon will be the one who will have the exclusivity of having the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G for sale, before it reaches other companies. However, Samsung revealed that the possibility of an advance order (from the website, probably) will soon be released (it is possible to acquire unlocked, through this means).

A power struggle

Currently, Samsung is one of the companies with the best market position. Also, since the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G is the first 5G smartphone, represent a great opportunity to ensure a transition and acquisition of the 5G connection market, this is the reason for the exclusivity that Verizon wanted to ensure.

Recently, Verizon started its first 5G network, which the CNET technology website was able to test. However, although such tests showed a difficult start, Verizon is having quite a few efforts because it wants to claim the first place in the world, given that it has strong competition with AT & T, Sprint and T-Mobile, given how close they are to it. your first steps in the 5G network.

The first results of the respective tests at Verizon 5G network speed were compromising in the areas where said network was active. Even so, they assure that the 5G Network will grow.