2020-11-19 07:31:21

Guide to learn how to emote in Sackboy A Big Adventure

 Many know Sackboy for his unique brown design. The little Sackboy character that you control oozes charm and character to go with the fact that he is adorable to look at. Another striking thing about the character is that, similar to the previous games, the little one can make gestures in poses that you can use at any time and can be used at the end of the level in a photo that you can then share with your friends to record your achievements.

In general, this character brings many incredible details that in this guide we decided to detail it so that you know more about this little character.

How to emote in Sackboy A Big Adventure?

If what you want is to emote, you should know that this cannot be done in the world map area, but you can do it at any level. To thrill, use the controller's d-pad in different directions and Sackboy should respond on the screen with your chosen emoticon, as well as a facial expression. By default, expressions are all neutral, so it might seem like not long ago.

To choose expressions and gestures you must enter your wardrobe in Zom Zom. The game doesn't allow you to change them on the fly, so going there will allow you to change them from neutral expressions to others, more of which can be found as you progress.
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