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Rust walkthrough: Guide for solo players and small groups

2019-05-14 18:53:50

Rust is a survival video game created by Facepunch Studios. This was inspired by a great variety of games belonging to this same genre. In fact, Rust was in early access since 2013, and then it was launched at the beginning of last year 2018, on February 8.

This game of survival can be somewhat complicated, it's even easy for us to nuke the mind and not know what to do. But don't worry, today here at xboxplay.games we present a small guide with steps and recommendations to follow.

Rust: a little about its gameplay

In Rust, players must collect various resources such as food, wood and even cloth. This is done in order to ensure their survival because they are even allowed to make objects with resources because when you start you only do it with a stone and a torch. Resources can be obtained by cutting trees or hunting animals.

At the beginning, the player has an initial list for making objects. These include weapons, clothing and building materials. However, there is a kind of progression system, with which, as progress is made in the game, you can achieve plans or objects with a greater technological advance, to build objects such as doors. These last ones are obtained in boxes, characters that are almost dead (or totally dead), as well as looking for objects in the bases of other players.

Guide for Rust: steps and recommendations to follow

As you can tell (or infer if you have not played it yet and have only read the little we mentioned above), Rust can be a bit difficult or complicated since you can find yourself in a situation where you do not know clearly what you should do. However, you should not fear because then we leave the guidelines that can serve as a guide.

RUST: How to Survive Your First Day in Rust (Walkthrough)

1. Get a tool or weapon

Near where you spawn, run down that road. Just go collecting fabrics to make a sleeping bag, a bow and bandages. Also, focus on looting brown boxes, food boxes and red tool boxes. This gives you a good chance of getting a real tool or a basic weapon.

On the other hand, you should consider that if you hit the barrels with a simple rock for a long time, you will make too much noise.

2.Reune lots of wood and stone

Once you have obtained a tool, weapon or bow, it's recommended that you now go to an area that is close to the beach. While there, concentrate on gathering as much wood and stone as possible.

On the other hand, it's very important that you put your sleeping bag in a fairly discreet place close to the location where you are collecting resources. This is done in order to save the objects that you are collecting in nearby hiding places.

3. Build something near the water

Having safe resources, proceed to build to stay close to the water, even part of the construction is partially in it and thus allow a boat to jam inside.
The construction can be 1 × 2 or a standard 2x2, the important thing is that the one you choose has an air lock. In addition to this, it is good that the internal part where the boat is kept, has a double door (like a garage door). Now move your sleeping bag and the items you have, inside.

At this point you should consider that if the part of the pier isn't deep enough, the ship will decompose.

4. Go find animals

What follows after having your base made, is that you go with a weapon to look for animals. Although you also have the alternative of hitting red barrels on the road so that the oil or crude oil is refined.
In case you take the choice of going to look for animals, you only have a hand-to-hand weapon. In this way, the simplest way to do things is to make them slower, so you can take them to the water. Another way you can implement when hunting animals is jumping, so they will not know what to do, although this is easy only in large animals.

5. Fortify your base and get a pot

At this point it's recommended that you proceed to create ovens to make metal sheet doors. In addition, you could also make code blocks, if you are in a group.
On the other hand after the above, you must go out and run along the beaches until you get a boat. When you get it, return to base. If you made the base as instructed, enter the pot in it.

6. Loads the scrap piles

With the boat in your hands, now go out to loot the scrap piles. Investing about 15 minutes in this will give you an approximate of 300 wastes, or even more, everything depends on what you find, in addition to the components as well as HQM for the elaboration. You must repeat this process until you have enough scrap to start investigating things and thereby build work banks level 1 and level 2.

At this point, it's also recommended that you pay attention to the spare boats while you are doing the previous process, it's always good to have some extra boats.

7. The first planes

After looking for and finding the first research tools, you will usually get the foregrounds of medals as well as some kind of weapons or ammunition.
As for the medical rods, you should only go to any basic monument with a medication box (which is the marrol with a first aid symbol) and from here get a large medication kit and recycle it for use by a medical rod.

For weapons and ammunition you have several options. Among them is trying to go attacking someone with a gun, but this implies that they could attack you if they discover where you live. Another option that you could try to do, if you are so desperate to consider attacking to get that, is to ask for one instead of attacking them, this could turn out well. In addition to stealing and ordering weapons, you also have the alternative of buying one with scrap metal in an outpost, here you can buy a revolver or shotgun, and although they can turn out to be expensive they already come with ammunition

You have achieved sufficient capacity to defend yourself

After achieving all of the above, you will simply find yourself at a point where you will have a better capacity to defend yourself. Even, maybe you could move to different areas. If you can do that, try to prefer locations where larger and more profitable monuments are found.

We hope you get new directions. Come back and tell us your experiences in the comments.
Microsoft Windows PC, Linux, Mac OS X
Facepunch Studios
Steam, Humble Store

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