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Rust has various activities for us which allows us to tell you How to make an elevator.

What is the point of creating an elevator in Rust?

This game from the beginning offers us the possibility of carrying out a very interesting construction process, in such a way that knowing how to make an elevator arises as a necessary device to go up and down the six floors of our base, they are a type of element that is enough resistant, to the point that they can withstand melee attacks, however, this implies spending some amount of resources due to how expensive these tend to be.

Knowing how to make an elevator is undoubtedly an interesting task, especially considering that we started from scratch, in an environment where there was only one rock and from there we started a fascinating construction work in Rust, to the point of making it our own. Home, it is also necessary to make it clear that, even when the elevator is strong, it can be destroyed with two rockets, which should lead us to take the necessary precautions.

How to make an elevator in Rust?

This is an interesting process and for this we must carry out some searches before reaching the objective, for this it is necessary:

Find the component and the plane of the elevator:
this is a necessary device and for this it is favorable to consider some aspects such as:

  • Go to an outpost, as this usually works as a safe area, which is good in Rust because being there is no need to worry about being attacked by rivals and take care of:
  • Locate the outpost vending machine to buy the elevator component, only for this we must have about 250 pieces of scrap metal.
  • It should be noted that each component can use a research bench in order to create a blueprint, however, this requires having about 125 extra scrap pieces to be able to manufacture it.

There is another way to get the blueprint and for this it is necessary to look for the elite level boxes and closed boxes, but this option is not exactly the most favorable.
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    Obtain the materials for the elevator: once we have the plan, it is necessary to get hold of the materials, so that this opens the way for us to know how to make an elevator, it is only necessary to have a considerable amount of scrap metal, because the Elevator components depends on the number of levels we have, in this sense, it is necessary to manufacture components on a level 2 workbench and from there understand that the necessary components for an elevator are:

    • 300 metal fragments: we must get a metallic mineral and proceed to melt it in a furnace, in this way they can be created, because for our good fortune this mineral can be found everywhere in Rust.
    • 5 high-quality metal: it is necessary to melt high-quality metal ores, this means that it is necessary to do some search for these in the arctic regions, which implies a little more effort.
    • 3 Gears: these can be found and this is in loot boxes and barrels, on the other hand, they can be manufactured and this implies having a level 3 workbench for 100 scraps in addition to 25 metal fragments, however, it is possible to buy them Only this is worth 125 scraps and can only be done at the outpost.

    Make the elevator shaft:
    we continue working to know how to make an elevator and once with the materials gathered the process is easy and fast, in this sense, it is necessary:

    • Make the hole and for this we require an empty square base.
    • It is necessary to consider that there is nothing above or below because this can block your path.
    • We must take into account its position, since it is only possible to access from the front and from the back.
    • It is vital to turn the elevator into the correct position before proceeding to place it.
    • Once we have built the elevator it is possible to build walls and doors around it.
    • It is important to stack the elevator components one on top of the other, to the point of reaching a maximum level of 6 floors.

    This is all you need to know about How to make an elevator, in this way we are allowed to move up and down in our base in Rust.

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