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Rust: How to find Stone

2021-01-08 08:39:18

With our Rust guide you will learn more about how to find stone.

What to know about the stones in Rust?

It is one of the most important resources that we will use for creation during the game, it is necessary that we have in all the different possibilities that help us to obtain them, but initially we will be limited to a few, but in this guide we will be explained How to find stone, so we need to pay attention next.

How to find stone in Rust?

  • From the ground: when we are at the beginning of the game, this will be our only chance to find this resource
  • The Quarry: it is necessary that we have progressed in the game, because this method requires it, with the mining quarry allows us not to depend on manual harvesting, this by unlocking the skill in the mining quarry technology tree, which allows its construction so that they constantly extract the stones from the subsoil.
  • Mining the Rock Nodes - This is possible once a stone pickaxe is made, allowing for the extraction of rock nodes to get stones, it takes 100 stones and 200 woods to make the pickaxe
  • Recycling: with unnecessary objects we can recycle them to obtain the stones
  • Buying: the lack of time can be an obstacle to find stones, what would facilitate our work is buying them.

  • With the stones it is possible to create the following:
  • Oven
  • Large oven
  • Tall external stone door
  • Stone spear
  • Wooden arrow
  • Concrete barricade
  • Sandbag barricade
  • Stone barricade
  • Hand shell
  • High speed arrow
  • Stone axe
  • High external stone wall
  • Stone pickaxe

We hope that the information detailed here on How to find stone has been useful for your progress and fun in Rust.

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