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Rumor: Superman will be the protagonist of the new Rocksteady game.

2018-12-02 23:04:29

Strong rumors say that the developer Rocksteady gave name to her new project, Superman: World's Finest. Rocksteady in 2015 brought to market Batman Arkham Knight, since then he is working on a new project that is expected to be presented at the Game Awards 2018. There are many rumors about this new project, from who will be the protagonist, to the name of the game, There has been talk of a new game of Batman or the league of justice, generating a great expectation. If you keep wondering what direction Rocksteady takes for his next game, there is information that the rumor that gains more strength is that Superman will be the protagonist and the name could be Superman World's Finest, all by filtering through the Game System portal Requirements, where this hypothetical new Rocksteady game is listed.

However, despite all the rumors surrounding the new game from the British developer, Rocksteady, there is still no confirmation from your part or Warner Bros. Montreal, so we just have to wait for this new game to be announced in The Game Awards 2018.