2020-08-19 12:37:34

This time we have made for you a Rogue Legacy 2 guide where we tell you how to get all the classes

How to get all classes in Rogue Legacy 2?

It is necessary to understand that these are unlocked, because when we start we only have one class and it is the knight class, however, getting the rest is not a very complicated process but if it is necessary to unlock the Universal Health star, it is necessary to have some strengths as well as weaknesses since each class can be unlocked in a different way, we are not sure how long to wait to unlock the classes, however, it is possible that you can realize it fairly early, in this sense it is imperative that know connections are those classes and here we mention them.

  • Barbarian, able to use the blade.
  • Magician, capable of using staff and magic.
  • Ranger capable of bow and arrow.
  • Knight capable of using the great sword.

What are the characteristics of the classes in Rogue Legacy 2?

Knowing how to obtain all the classes simply allows us to understand that each of them has some particular characteristic, since each one has some weaknesses and strengths.
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