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Rocket League: How to get Blueprints quickly

2019-11-07 07:15:54

This is the way to get blueprints in Rocket League. Discover more details here.

In this new installment of Rocket League, the video game that combines football with Psyonix vehicles, we will be addressing the issue of Blueprint, what are its functions and how to obtain them, so pay attention.

How to get blueprints quickly in Rocket League?

You should know that the game allows you to get them when playing online games, just as you received Crates. However, it is unknown how periodically you will be able to receive these revealed Blueprints.

What are the Blueprints in Rocket?

These can be exchanged with other players without any problem. You must keep in mind that to build Blueprints articles, you will have to spend credits, since these will be the substitutes for the keys and the decryptors after an update.

It is worth mentioning that after the update the decrypters you have in December will become bonus gifts, which you can open for free. But not only that, you can also receive Unrevealed Blueprints. This way you will be awarded any box left over after the December Blueprint update.

This is basically what you should know about the planes in Rocket League.

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