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Rocket League Challenges Guide: Rocket Pass 3 Week 5

2019-05-16 13:50:26

Every Wednesday comes another batch of weekly challenges from the Rocket League Rocket Pass.

The new batch of Rocket League Rocket Pass 3 Week 5 challenges start today, May 15 and we have you ready with all these new challenges, both free and Premium challenges.

You don't necessarily have to own the free or premium Rocket Pass track to try to complete all the weekly challenges, you can try to complete them, but without receiving any reward while you aren't.

Rocket Pass 3 WEEK 5 CHALLENGES (Hack Swerve Trail) Rocket League Guide

They're quite simple challenges without any complications, just try to play the game enough on the right online playlists and with the right equipment, and you must complete all six challenges quickly enough. In addition, you will have to complete the matches before anything you do counts to complete the challenge.

Challenges of Week 5 of Rocket Pass 3:

Rocket Pass 3 Week 5 Free challenges and rewards

The first of this category is Realms of Chaos:

Score a goal in an informal online match of 4 on 4. Reward: Three level points Additional death.

Score 5 total goals in any playlist extra mode. Reward: Five level points.

Triple threat: get 10 saved games, assists or goals in online games on any standard 3v3 playlist. Reward: Eight level points.

Rocket Pass 3 Week 5 Challenges your respective premium rewards:

Master the Blade: Play an online game with Hack Swerve Trail Reward: three level points.

Step three: win 3 levels of XP. Reward: Five points of free and clear level.

Accumulate 20 erasures in any online playlist Reward: Eight level points.