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The action in Rocket Arena does not stop, so today we are going to explain how to play as Jayto.

What to know about Jayto in Rocket Arena?

This character has a decent balance, speed and weapons, is balanced for the different game modes or in the situation that arises, this has great capabilities, patience is a key factor for us to have a complete character to face the circumstance that will be presented to us in the different challenges, now so that we understand how to play as Jayto, we will lean on the content that is presented below, let us continue to see what it brings us about it.

How to play as Jayto in Rocket Arena?

Understanding how to play as Jayto passes through the knowledge of his abilities and these are the following:


  •  The swarm of rockets: if we make the shots from a very far distance, the enemy will have the opportunity to dodge, so we must be sure that we will hit the target, the speed of this secondary ability is acceptable and causes respectable average damage If we fail, we must take into account that there is a time of 10 seconds for its cooling and it can put us in a bad position at Rocket Arena.
  •  The Propeller Suit: with this suit we will see Jayto's capabilities on the rise, including jumping, speed and floating, also benefiting from the fact that the shots are in groups and that the radius to be covered is wider causing more damage, Before we use this ability we must take into account that its duration is only 10 seconds and it will cool down in 15 seconds, so we have the ability with the highest determining factor once we know how to play as Jayto.
  •  Skypiercer rockets: patience is a key factor for the proper use of this skill, although it is not helpful to knock out an enemy, we can cause a lot of pressure to help us defend ourselves from shooting and that our position is correct for us. Be the ones to shoot, these Rocket Arena rockets are precise and high speed so they will be effective, but it should be noted that it is necessary to recharge.


 Now we will see the strategies to follow in the different modalities below:
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    In the search for treasure: The propeller suit will be perfect to start here, it will help us in the collection of coins more quickly, with Jayto we have a great ability to defend ourselves and move easily and thus get the chest, which means an option ideal for smooth progress in Rocket Arena


     In Mega rocket: In relation to How to play as Jayto we have that due to the different structures and the very arena it is possible to move effectively if we use the propulsion suit in this mode, being the right moment when our teammates are well prepared for the purpose to knock out our enemies, taking into account the sand.


     In basketball: Once again the propeller suit will give us the greatest effectiveness for the different modes as soon as we understand how to play as Jayto, the effectiveness of this will help us move, reach the ball and make the passes that are necessary, we can solve a endless situations so it becomes a very considerable option in Rocket Arena.


     The Knockout / RocketBot attack: The speed and agility that we have as Jayto will help us to firmly face compromising situations, managing to stay alive and in turn being supportive for our team, in this modality we may have the ability to be offensive for the elimination, with some patience we will achieve the objective and applying the knowledge of the skills that we have with this character.

     In conclusion, knowing how to play as Jayto is excellent because we can advance more in this interesting and moving game like Rocket Arena.

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