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Roblox: How to fix Error Code 279

2019-07-01 21:28:24

Roblox brings an annoying error that creates a problem for the players who do not usually see this type of errors in a game like roblox in this case, the error is in the code 279 and the error ID = 17, for those who are looking for how to fix the error code 279, there is a way to fix the error of the code and thus give solution to Roblox.

This error that Roblox presents in code 279 is an impediment to play the online mode. We notice this problem when receiving a message that tells us an error when connecting the game to the network (connection failure ID = 17). Here we will tell you what to do to fix the error code 279 in the following steps:

How Fix Error Code ID=17

How to fix error code 279 in Roblox

To fix the error code 279 and the ID = 17 of Roblox knowing that this is due to network connection failures, the firewall will not allow us access to the game for that reason we must turn it off and make sure to try to start the game again open ports since we can not play roblox if it does not forward ports, the ports that we must open to fix the error code 279 we will let you know along with the steps to achieve it:

The ports of Roblox for PC:
UDP: 49152-65535
 Roblox ports for Xbox One:
TCP: 3074 UDP: 88, 500, 3074, 3544, 4500

open the ports to fix the error code 279

Now we will open the ports of roblox. The first thing is to start administrator session in the router, then we go to the sector of resending ports, enter the IP address of the console or PC, TCP ports and / or UDP for Roblox. The next thing is to restart the router.

Restart internet connection

It can be said that the error of code 279 is due to stability failures, we can fix this by restarting the internet connection through the router, turning it off for a few minutes next to what is connected to it and restarting.

Reinstalling Roblox

To fix the error code 279 most of the players choose to reinstall the game of roblox once this error occurs and they decide to reinstall it, if we want to go this way we go to the control panel, we look for where it says programs, we give it in uninstalling the program and looking for roblox, we have to find the roblox boot and the game as well, then uninstall the two by reinstalling from their official site. This would not be an ideal option for this problem but you could say it is advisable to install it again.