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River City Girls: How to Defeat Yamada - tips and tricks

2019-09-09 16:24:49

 Have you tried to defeat Yamada in River City Girls? surely you may have noticed that it is a very complicated feat, luckily in this guide we will tell you how to do it.

What is River City Girls?

This is the video game inspired by the Kunio-kun series, which is being developed by WayForward and will be published by Arc System Works.

Starring Kyoko and Misako, who are two street students who will have the task of entering an adventure through three regions of the game in search of their boyfriends Kunio and Riki who have been kidnapped.

River City Girls reminds us much of the classic arcade-type games where you will have to tour several sites facing several bosses, which by the way are easy to beat.

One of these bosses is called Yamada, he is the second main boss of River City Girls, a boss with a lot of power in the game, but when you know that the boyfriends of the protagonists were talking to him before being kidnapped, all you want to do is defeat Yamada.

Fortunately, in this guide we have prepared everything you need to know in order to defeat Yamada.

How to find Yamada in River City Girls.

First of all, you will have to go to the construction zone after you unlock the access to the mall and follow the path that will take you to the elevator eliminating the enemies that can be crossed if necessary.

The elevator will take you to the roof where you will meet Yamada himself in his own arena, at that moment you will want to know how to defeat Yamada.

How to beat Yamada in River City Girls.

The first thing you have to know if you want to defeat Yamada is that this boss has three phases.

In the first phase, this boss will use a high damage melee combo. If you manage to crush it in the first phase, the boss will teleport, but first he will launch an explosion that will stun you and leave a considerable amount of damage to your health.

In the second phase, the boss will start levitating some objects by circling with them. Try not to be touched by these or you will do enormous damage, use concrete blocks as protection.

In the third and final phase, the boss will make the screen darken, once this happens, he will send a path of purple magic that will do you a lot of damage if it reaches you and will reinforce other attacks such as levitation.

To overcome it you will have to avoid all its attacks, this is not complicated at all, especially if we take into account that most of its attacks are horizontal and can be avoided by moving up or down.

When Yamada avoids the objects that levitate and tries to get the apple that is on his head to recover some health.

Avoid walking along the edges of the sand because this will cause considerable damage. A strategy that has worked very well to end this boss has been to hit him near the edge of the area and followed by hitting him with a combo or a movement with enough recoil to get him out of the sand since this will decrease your health in large numbers and quite quickly.

Every time Yamada falls to the ground, stand on it and press the heavy attack button to trample it. Knocking it down several times will cause it to teleport and use the attack of the explosion so you will have to be prepared to dodge it.

We recommend having a good supply of consumables to replenish any damage you may receive and to resist more than usual.

Now that you know how to defeat Yamada in River City Girls, we hope you find it very easy to kill this boss and take full advantage of this guide.

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