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Risk of Rain 2: Item Synergies Guide

2019-12-30 09:20:56

This time we have prepared with everything you need to know about the Item Synergies in Risk of Rain 2 and then we leave it to you.

What are the Item Synergies of Rain 2 objects?

These are the unique effects of combinations of elements. For you to understand this much better, we have prepared a complete guide with all the Item Synergies in Risk of Rain 2.

What are the Item Synergies in  Risk of Rain 2?

Below we have prepared a list of all the Item Synergies Risk of Rain 2, placing the name, description and everything about it.

Shelf rejuvenation.

  •   Any element of healing / regeneration.
  • This synergy will give you a healing boost.

Primordial Cube

  •   Gasoline.
  •   Will-o’-the-wisp.
  • This groups enemies and allows you to use killing effects to hit more enemies at once.

Glasses to make lenses / eye HUD.

  •   Harvester's Scythe.
  •   Predatory instincts
  • These two elements are activated with critical hits, so Glasses and HUD increase their process possibilities respectively.

Helfire tincture.

  •   Razorwire (activated upon damage).
  •   More difficult times.
  • The burn effect triggers Razorwire, which quickly attacks enemies at your fingertips.
  • If the weather is more difficult, the burning of the tincture may end up blocked.

Kjaro band.

  •   Runald Band
  • Both bands will be processed if one does.


  •   Personal shield generator.
  •   Old War Stealth Kit (5).
  •   Stride of heresy (2-3).
  •   8 percent more shields with each new stack. Stealthkit and Strides will give you a period of time where you cannot be attacked by enemies, so that the shields can recharge.
  • Just keep in mind that you should not stack more than 3 of Strides.

War horn

  •   Any equipment with low / reduced cooling.
  • Frequent up to 100 percent uptime, 70 percent bonus attack speed.

Opinion of Aegis / N’kuhana.

  •   Any healing article.
  • It is more effective with Crit Scythe and Bustling Fungus, as it will give you a more consistent cure very useful in Risk of Rain 2.
  • Keep in mind that Lepton Daisy also works very well for them, however it will do so at intervals within the area during the teleporter event.

Old guillotine

  •   Brainstalks
  • The guillotine will allow you to kill the elites much faster, activating the stems. One of the synergies of indirect objects in Risk of Rain 2.

Drowning gesture / fuel cell / catalyst attached to the soul.

  •   Any team (except Crowdfunder).
  • Reduce equipment cooldown. This combination of Item Synergies can also be used with War Horn, activating its effect more frequently.
  • With 1 gesture and 3 gestures or more cells you can get a 100 percent uptime on Spinel Tonic, providing an increase in your statistics.
  • You must have the account that the Gesture will be active 100 percent of the time making or generating a gold expense, which at one point could block you.

Shattering justice.

  •   Any element of increased attack speed / combinations.
  • This Item Synergies will allow you to activate the armor reduction effect in a much simpler way.

The Crowdfunder

  •   I take from Ghor.
  • Take throws pieces of gold in murders that give you a lot of cash.

What elements can improve several synergies in Risk of Rain 2.

  • Unstable Tesla coil, which will allow you to activate the hit effects.
  • Ukulele / Sensitive meat hook, this will also allow you to activate the blow effects.
  • 57 Leaf Clover, on the other hand this element increases the chances of the effects of blow and death.

 This is our guide on Item Synergies, we hope it has been very useful for you and that from now on you can master the synergies much better to get the most out of them in Risk of Rain 2.

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