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Find out how to access to heretics in this excellent and explanatory guide to Risk of Rain 2.

What to know about heretics in Risk of Rain 2?

With the anniversary update of the game we have a secret character is presented, only that on the survivors screen it is not possible to choose him and his unlocking is not possible permanently, you have to pass some hoops for it, so to have an idea of How to access to heretics can rely on the content that is presented in this guide from here, let's see.
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    How to access to heretics in Risk of Rain 2?

    It is necessary that we manage to find 4 objects from the heresy set, which can be located in the lunar flowers with the use of lunar coins, these objects being the following:


    •  The essence of heresy: with this we present the sum of 30 percent in movement speed and a healing of 18.2 percent that refers to our maximum life for 2 seconds, being faded and being intangible.
    • The Hooks of Heresy: nearby enemies can be dealt 175 percent damage with a projectile, taking 700 percent damage after 3 seconds and recharging after 5 seconds.
    • The Visions of Heresy: consists of burst shots of tracking shards, with which it will be causing 120 percent of damage, being a total of 12 to charge and it will take 2 seconds to recharge.
    • The Strides of Heresy: for 10 seconds once we cause damage, a pile of ruin will accumulate, which when detonated has an unlimited range, causing 300 percent of damage and added to 120 percent of damage for each one of the stack of ruin, in 8 seconds it is possible to recharge.


     With the update of the hidden kingdoms, the visions and strides of heresy were added in Monster Hunter Rise, while the hooks and the essence we have in mind as new objects, as for How to access the heretics it is necessary that we get to complete the challenge Break blocks and in turn eliminate a total of 15 bosses during a single race, after doing so we will have all the pieces at our disposal, highlighting that having the different objects will replace the specific skills and we will be a heretic once we complete the whole set in Risk of Rain 2.

    To choose the objects with ease, the execution of the command device is possible, it will only depend on our criteria which method we use, but in any case it is necessary to achieve the unlocking of all the objects for the set, of the entire game the heretics are those that cause the highest base damage and health of great proportions, adding even a triple jump that will take us to large scales, but with it having a price in constant loss of health, which requires all available healing resources.

     This is how we finish our guide on How to access to heretics, hoping that you can get the best out of Risk of Rain 2, a very busy game.

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