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Daniel Hidalgo
2021-05-05 16:14:00

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With this article we will cover you in everything you need to know about how to translate xenoglyphs in Returnal, so let's get started!

What are xenoglyphs in Returnal?

It is an element that you will need to find to learn more about the alien planet, which will require finding Xenoglyph Ciphers, they are bright red symbols that if you do not know how to find this guide will help you.
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How to translate xenoglyphs in Returnal?

The first thing to note, is that the locations of the Ciphers will always change between executions, but a good number of them can be found in each biome. In this regard, it is important to track every biome you enter thoroughly before moving forward so as not to lose any encryption.

Interacting with Xenoglyph Ciphers will improve your translation skills, allowing you to translate the Xenoglyphs in the biome. Xenoglyph's progress will carry over between matches and games, and collecting 10 of the Ciphers and Glyphs will earn you a reward trophy.

  That's all you need to know about how to translate xenoglyphs in Returnal, so now what you have, you can surely improve your translation skills in record time.

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