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If you want to know how to get the Returnal Icarian grapple don't worry, because the following article covers it all for you.

What is the Returnal icarian grapple?

It is one of the tools that you can obtain in the game and that will allow you to reach high areas, although you must first obtain it and this is what we will be talking about today, about how to get the Icarian hook.

How to get the Returnal icarian grapple?

In order to obtain this tool you will have to make sure to kill the second boss of the game, Ixion, who can be found in the second biome, Crimson Wastes.

After killing Phrike, the boss of the Overgrown Ruins biome, you will have access to the Crimson Key, which you can later use in the Crimson Gate to access the second biome.
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    When you manage to find Ixion in the second biome, he will be flying through the area, and he will shoot projectiles at you while he does it, your strategy is to dodge and attack while he flies, which as you can imagine, is not that simple.

    When the second phase of the battle starts, the boss will use AoE attacks hitting the ground, the key will always be to try to stay at a certain distance to stay away. It is useful to use the alternate fire mode (about which we already talked in a recent article) whenever possible, until you manage to defeat it.

    You will receive the Icarian Hook as a reward once the battle is over.

    To use this tool you will have to look at a yellow orb and press the Triangle button to fight it.

     That's all you need to know about how to get the Returnal Icarian grapple, so we hope you can get hold of this tool quickly and get the most out of it in-game.

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