2018-12-19 21:24:45

The level of resolution of Just Cause 4 Xbox One with its new patch, is getting different views of users and posts through the networks are critical, but there are others who praise and confirm the really fun that is its great engine graphic in relation to the destruction on the screen it should be noted that this intense processing load of the physics is the culprit of the poor performance obtained by the third installment. Just Cause 4 in consoles, from Avalanche have been dedicated to work intensely in the optimization of something that is obvious, seeing above all the solid result you get in Xbox One X. However, Xbox One S does not reach its full potential and it is the machine that remains behind in terms of performance, perhaps because as Digital Foundry explained, the dynamic resolution did not work as expected, although with the 1.02 update of the title, this problem should be finished.

Just Cause 4 is getting different opinions through networks

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    With the use of 8.4Gb, the study will allow to improve the scaling of resolution in both Xbox One and PS4. This is great news for those who are still immersed in the universe of Rico Rodriguez, the protagonist. This is the complete list, which also indicates the possibility of deactivating or modifying the amount of Motion Blur of the game: Improvements in resolution scaling on Xbox One and PS4 Added a Motion Blur bar to the menu options Added the possibility to change the amount of Motion Blur Fixed Motion Blur rendering problems Fixed problems of mapping textures Other graphic improvements, such as smoother transitions in vegetation, various stability arrangements, update of the lighting to some sequences.