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Remnant From the Ashes: How to Beat The Undying King - tips and tricks

2019-08-22 18:49:00

This guide has as main objective to help you defeat the Undying King, from the game Remnant From the Ashes, hopefully our tips and tricks will be of your help.

As you can imagine Remnant From the Ashes is full of great hard bosses to beat and among the most difficult is Undying King, if you are one of the players who only like to progress and you do not feel capable of defeating the Undying King, you can jump the fight with him in exchange for an agreement that asks you when you meet him, so you can move on to the next area. If you make that decision you can avoid the fight completely, you can also save it and when you feel stronger face it. Now if you decide to fight before accepting their agreement, you will have a very difficult fight in which they can attack you in an instant, you have the last decision.

Where is the Undying King in Remnant From the Ashes?

In Remnant From the Ashes you will get the Undying King at the end of his throne room, he is guarded by 4 Vyr guards. When you decide to defeat the Undying King, you have to talk to him first before starting the fight. As soon as the conversation is over, your 4 guards will attack immediately. If you find yourself playing as a team, have your best short-range warrior converse with the Undying King as closely as possible so that they can receive blows from the start, while distance fighters will be shot from afar.

 How to beat the Undying King in Remnant From the Ashes?

 Once the fight has begun to defeat the Undying King in Remnant From the Ashes, the initial player has to try to focus the fire on the nearest Vyr guard to knock him down, then head to the right on the platform to avoid being burned by his companions Just then you will have a clear shot to take down the other guards. It is possible for one of them to follow the player off the platform. This will give you a chance to take out the Vyr without presenting any danger as they fall to recover. While all this is happening, the others on your team have to focus on eliminating the other guards without harming the Undying King. One thing you should keep in mind is that the Vyr can apply a strong area of ​​effect attack if you approach it, so it is best to fight with them from a distance.

In Remnant From the Ashes once the Vyr are fenced, you have a moment to attack and damage the boss before he invokes new forces. You have to watch the Undying King as much as you can during combat, this allows you to see the moment when he casts a spell that attracts more enemy spawns. Once you see that the initial Vyr is gone, the king will summon 2 very dangerous floating towers that launch powerful projectiles. If at that time you have a short-range weapon, attack them so you can quickly take them down. If you don't do it and put distance between you and the towers you will be attacked and you must dodge all their shots. Keep in mind that if the two towers hit you it is enough for you to be knocked down.

Beating the Undying King in Remnant From the Ashes is not so easy, while the above is going on, the Undying King may have already called more Vyr from the casket-shaped pods, located on both sides of the room. So we recommend releasing the fire to the additional guards before returning to the boss, keep in mind that if you cause enough damage you will enter the next phase. Don't stop shooting the king as many times as you can.

Apart from the Vyr who directs the staff in Remnant From the Ashes, The Undying King can request many mutants that are very fast to attack melee, however they are easier to lower than the Vyr, however it is possible that they corner their group for its quantity and speed. When you see that the King begins to breed mutants, use the Rattle Weed mod if you have it available, this way it will keep them distracted. Any of the mod that calls the allies is also very important in this phase to be able to divide them. Also with the flamethrower in the Spitfire weapon that you can build once you manage to defeat Singe can weaken the swarm of mutants if you're willing to approach. As you will see even by applying these tricks it has not been possible to defeat the Undying King.

Once you manage to defeat the first bunch of enemies, the Undying King will have the power to summon 2 sickles, at that time you should get as far away from him as possible and prepare to dodge. Then it will jump on you and unleash you a number of hits can also pause and then attack, in this defense it can be very difficult to synchronize your dodges. One of the most effective tricks if you can't dodge is to roll over them during the attack, trying to keep your health full while sickles come out.

He has not yet managed to defeat the Undying King, but as he approaches his death, he can get more powerful short-range attacks, so you have to take into account what you do and with more reason if you are focused on other enemies . If you are not attacking you must stay away.

In Remnant From the Ashes, at various points in the course of the battle, the chief will go to the platform where he will begin to recharge. You should take this opportunity to heal, break any consumables and eliminate others from your enemies. But you should not take too long, since during this phase you can also regenerate health. While the King doing this does not attack, this indicates that it is the most anticipated opportunity to cause him some damage, including melee weapons and thus conserve your ammunition, you can also aim his head doing greater damage, it is a great opportunity that you should not leave escape to start beating the Undying King.

 It is very difficult in Remnant From the Ashes to reduce Rey's health to zero, because when he lowers his health to zero he will undoubtedly enter a phase called extended recovery. With this you have not yet managed to defeat the Undying King, so we recommend that you put yourself in the best possible way during that time, take advantage of healing yourself, reloading your weapons, revive your allies and use ammunition boxes if you need, especially clear the room of all your enemies.

After a few seconds the king comes back to life, in this case only with a maximum health fraction, be very careful as he can also invoke a swarm of enemies that will attack you to defeat you. The most suitable place to start this phase is on the platform, here it will allow you a favorable point of view to face the horde. But if you have good firepower, you have all the possibilities to pass the final phase, you just have to focus on defeating the Undying King once and for all, you must use your mods to distract the enemies he invokes, it's your moment To cast a healing spell for your health, overthrow it again and in this way the King will no longer get up, you have defeated them.

What you get by beating the Undying King in Remnant From the Ashes?

In Remnant From the Ashes you can defeat the Undying King, you will get the Eternal Heart, this can be used to build the Ruin weapon, along with a unique mod that allows you to revive instantly after death. On the other hand you will get the trait as Kings Killer, this will increase the damage for each critical hit and you will have access to the next world portal called Corsus.
Well folks this is all we hope that our guide of Remnant From the Ashes has been very important to him to beat the Undying King, do not forget to follow each of our tips and tricks shared here if you want to obtain the title Kings Killer.

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